Monday, October 18, 2010

Sleep in a frame...

For the longest time I would hardly consider buying poster bed for my bedroom, I keep thinking the look is too traditional for my taste. I am, however, beginning to change my mind after looking at these designs. The key is to incorporate a somewhat rigid frame with fun objects and chic colors.

The intricate wall pattern is playing against the simple white frame, bold contrast is always a plus for me.

Detail matters! The beautiful texture of the frame is hard to ignore, love the tessellated look. And the clover-shaped headboard... a total bonus!

The chunky casters suddenly make the frame look playful, not to mention the lipstick-red shade warms up the whole place. Shall we say, cozzzzzyyyyy?

Intriguing shape- a metal frame with funky finials, and don't you just love the canopy on it?

Totally Hollywood Regency, gold + white makes a classic and lively combo.

With or without canopy, the whole setting is just eclectic.



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